North West London Case for Change – response from Healthwatch Central West London, August 2019

Healthwatch Central West London (Healthwatch CWL) has provided comments that respond to the North West London Case for Change documents.

The following comments and questions have been arrived at in consultation with Healthwatch members who sit on our Local Committees in Hammersmith & Fulham; Kensington & Chelsea; and Westminster.

There was an acceptance amongst our Local Committee members that a single North West London Clinical Commissioning Group (NWLCCG) could potentially bring about improvements, but our Local Committee members were clear that for this to be the case it needs to go further than joining up administration. It has to mean a consistent and excellent offer with transparent targets for the 2 million plus patients who will be part of the NWLCCG Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) area.

As an expert in speaking to local patients and residents, and the lead organisation in a recent Healthwatch engagement on the NHS Long Term Plan with local people across the NWL STP area, we would welcome a conversation about how we might work together with the NWLCCG as it develops to ensure that local people are able to fully comment on proposed changes to local health systems and structures.

We would also welcome a discussion about how we might work together to ensure that local people have all the information they need to be able access the healthcare in their area

To read our full response to the Case for Change consultation, please click the link below to read the questions raised by our Local Committee.

Healthwatch Central West London response to NWLCCGs Case for Change – consultation response August 2019

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