Young people and digital healthcare


What is the project about?

Following recent local and national developments in digital healthcare, Healthwatch Central West London has focused on identifying the healthcare needs and aspirations of young people aged 16 – 25 in Hammersmith & Fulham.

What did we do?

We have been working with young people to develop and trial different engagement methods and activities to talk to young people about healthcare.

We created opportunities for young people in Hammersmith & Fulham to have a say on:

  • how, and if, they want to access healthcare digitally
  • which of their healthcare needs (if any) could be covered by digital healthcare
  • and what a digital healthcare system for young people would look like

How are we using this information?

  • We are working with young people to develop recommendations for Hammersmith & Fulham Clinical Commissioning Group and Hammersmith & Fulham Council, to improve engagement with young people around their healthcare.
  • Use our information and recommendations to influence and support future commissioning of digital offers in Hammersmith & Fulham and across North West London
  • Contribute in the wider discussion about digitisation that is taking place in the NHS

How you can get involved?

  • Aged 18 – 25? Become a project lead to set up and run your own engagement activities. More details here: Project lead leaflet
  • Aged 16 – 18? We are happy to come and meet with you and your friends to run a focus group.
  • Do you work for a college, business or a voluntary organisation that delivers activities for young people? Contact us to see how best we can work together: Project overview

Who can I contact to learn more?

Contact Eva, the engagement lead for Hammersmith & Fulham at: or 020 8968 7049