Grenfell Tower

Monitoring in 2018

We have continued to monitor local provision by listening to local people who are still impacted by the fire. As the first anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire approaches, we have once again written to West London Clinical Commissioning Group and RBKC council under our statutory powers to find out what progress has been made in providing health and care support for people affected by the fire. They are required to respond to our questions within 20 working days. The deadline for their responses was the 13th June 2018.

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You can read the list of questions submitted here: Healthwatch Central West London Follow Up Questions

On the 13th June, we received responses from both West London Clinical Commissioning Group and Kensington & Chelsea Council. You can read these below:

You can read our statement following receiving responses here: Healthwatch Statement 13th June

If you have any comments about the answers provided by West London CCG or Kensington & Chelsea Council, you can share these with us by emailing:

Our Work in 2017

Following the Grenfell Tower fire, we collected the questions and concerns of the local community and submitted to them to the Royal Kensington & Chelsea Council and West London Clinical Commissioning Group, between July and September 2017.

Following this work, we published our report outlining what we had done, our findings, and recommendations: Report Reviewing the Work Undertaken by Healthwatch Following the Grenfell Tower Fire

All questions and concerns and the answers received from West London CCG, RBKC and Public Health: Grenfell Tower – All Questions and Answers


Read the statements that we have submitted to the local Council and NHS.

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Questions & Answers

Read the questions that Healthwatch has submitted and the responses received.

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