Mental Health Awareness Week: a poem

Urban nature: Kensington Gardens in the sun

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week across the UK. This year, the theme for the week is nature. Our Young Healthwatch Westminster volunteers have been reflecting on the topic of mental health and nature. Over the next few days, we are sharing some of their reflections.


First up, our brilliant volunteer Ava has shared a poem she has written!


The feelings formed

Water stretches before me

Calm and even

But something underneath is unsteady

A contradiction if you like

Balancing like an unsteady foal

Students buckling under workload

But the whistling tree leaves

Still twirl down to give them solace

Each bush and fragmented bark

Scuffs your new polished shoes

Only to make you well with sadness

With the burden of responsibility you now face

But you seem to make yourself worry

Again and again

Only to stop when you see the triviality of the animals lives

The rabbits that hop and skip

The deer whose necks stretch before you

And finally the lazy cat

Whose only concern is the

Location of the warmest seat


Support & Contact

If you are looking for support or guidance, our Support Hub, contains dedicated pages for young people and mental wellbeing.

If you would to know more about what we do or the support that is out there, get in touch with Young Healthwatch Westminster by emailing Alex or messaging us on Instagram.

Image courtesy of garryknight, licensed under CC BY 2.0