Young Healthwatch Westminster Blog: Mental Health at Work

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In this blog post one of our senior volunteers, Rupert, talks you through his experience at work, the challenges he faced and, how he has managed his wellbeing. 

“I have been working in my current job since August 2019, and it also happens to be my first job since university. I think inevitably any new environment takes time getting used to, especially one where the change is as huge as entering the workplace full time. I have struggled a fair bit (more than I had envisaged) at adjusting to this change. Above all, I would say I have learnt that there are so many different facets to what makes a good job. I now realise that simple things such as the people you are surrounded by and the location of your job have a significant influence on your attitude towards work.

For instance, I work in a small office and it can be tough being in such a confined space all day with little interaction with others. This is largely because my industry is very much merited on individual efforts as opposed to group work, meaning relationships are tougher to forge. Fortunately, over time I have in fact managed to build a couple of close relationships and am generally more settled. However my experience at work goes to show – like in any environment – the importance of having good people around you to talk with and open up to!”

Support & Contact

Mind have this support page on managing your mental health at work. If you would to know more about what we do or the support that is out there, get in touch with Young Healthwatch Westminster by emailing Alex or message us on Instagram. You can also visit our webpage which has a lot of information on how you can find support for your mental health.