What we do

Our vision is to give everyone a voice about how public health and social care services are designed and delivered.

We are working to gather the best evidence and the widest range of views, especially those from minority groups, ethnic minority groups, people living with disabilities, older people, and younger people.

To ensure that we have the best evidence, the widest range of views, and genuine insights from all areas of our community, we carry out a wide range of research, engagement, and facilitation work.

We work collaboratively with service providers, community leaders, and our local councils to carry out service assessments, user-group facilitation, patient participation, focus groups, and online surveys. All with the support of our dedicated volunteers.

Our Approach

We assess and evaluate local services

We have a team of Dignity Champions that carry out visits to local care homes, hospital and community services to conduct ‘Enter & View’ surveys that assess whether patients are being treated with dignity and respect.

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We facilitate patient particpation

We offer advice and support to GP practices on setting up and maintaining Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) to develop patient-friendly practices with patients.
It's a space for patients to learn about how their GP practice works, air their views, and to help it work better for the whole community.

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We listen to people in the community

Our volunteers and members listen to people’s views and experiences of health and social care services in Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster. Using insights from surveys, focus groups, phone calls, and other project work, we write reports with recommendations that inform and influence the design and delivery of services.

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We give young people a voice

Young Healthwatch provides an opportunity for young people in Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea to share their views on health and care services locally.

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Top four priorities for 2021-22



  1. Supporting the communication and engagement around the vaccine roll out and understanding of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our populations
  2. Local peoples experience of primary care, an essential route in to healthcare for local people
  3. Local peoples experiences of Mental Health
  4. We have a particular focus on young peoples experiences of health and care