Who we are

Here to make care better in Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster

We are the independent champion for people who use health and social care services in Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster and it’s our job to make health and social care services work better for residents, patients, and carers.

We do this by listening to people’s experiences through research and engagement, and sharing
recommendations with local Council commissioners and NHS health and care providers so that they can act on what has been learned.

With statutory rights we have the power to ensure that the Government and those running services hear what you think and take action, holding them to account on how they use what we have told them via community meetings and published ‘insight reports’ that come with clear recommendations.

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Helping you to find the health & care services you need

Another part of our mission at Healthwatch is to point you in the direction of the right services. From accessing support for your mental health to choosing the right care home or self-help group, we are here.

If you’re facing a difficult health decision or just don’t know how to find out what support options are available to you, we offer guidance and publish information on our website. This has been vital during the pandemic with the ever-changing environment and restrictions limiting people’s access to health and social care services.

Our Goals


Giving local people a voice

We want more people to get the information they need to take control of their health and care, make informed decisions, and shape the services that support them.



High quality service delivery

We want everyone who shares an experience or seeks advice from us to receive a high-quality service and to understand the difference that their views make.



Turning your views in actions

We want more services to use local people’s views to shape the health and care support they need today and in the future.

Strategic focus: Grassroots Collaboration

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Helping more people from minority ethnic backgrounds to have a say in how health and care is delivered by working collaboratively with organisations at a grassroots level.

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