Voice Exchange

Enabling the community to shape local mental health services

What did we do?

The Voice Exchange was a project which ran from January to September 2021. Commissioned by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, the project focused on speaking with people in Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea, to explore how mental health services in the bi-borough could look in the future. 

As part of the project, we also visited mental health services in the area and met with local people and organisations to listen to the local communities.  

We believe that sharing the real experiences of real people will help Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust plan their services in the future. The Voice Exchange was a unique approach to lived experience engagement and it wouldn’t have been possible without the commitment of the group members, who shared so many ideas and insights.

The Voice Exchange is a unique approach to lived experience engagement – instead of just looking at what’s working and what could be improved, we are asking members to imagine what future inpatient services could look like in a broader sense. It wouldn’t be possible without the commitment of the members, who have embraced the project via online meetings so far, and have already shared so many great ideas.


Laura May, Voice Exchange Coordinator

What's next?

Our findings were presented to Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust in October 2021. A report containing the learning from this project is due to be published in the near future.  

As champions of lived experience, we know how important it is that the voices of patients and residents is heard by those with the power to make changes to service provision.