Long-Term Health Conditions in Westminster

People told us that there was little support to help them stay well and manage their long-term health conditions in Westminster. Others reported that they were unsure of how to access additional support for people living with long-term health conditions. They were concerned that friends and neighbours were not getting the support they needed.

With the help of the Older Adults Group at The Advocacy Project, we set out to find out more about people’s experiences of support offered through GP practices to help them manage their long-term health conditions.

We created a survey and held a series of focus groups in which we talked to patients and carers about their experiences of using primary care to manage their long-term health condition.

The main questions we explored were:

  • What type of support patients received through their GP practice to help them manage their long-term health condition; and
  • How easy it was for patients to get the help they need for their long-term health condition through their GP practice

We heard mixed experiences of the type of support available through GP practices and it was apparent that the support on offer varied depending on which GP practice participants were registered at.

Our full findings and recommendations are available in our report: Co-ordinated care? Patients' and their carers' experiences of living with long-term health conditions in Westminster. You can read it by going to our reports.