Online COVID Q&A for Young People


Young Healthwatch Westminster is running an online Q&A webinar for young people, in partnership with Imperial College Healthcare Trust, Connecting Care for Children and Volunteer Police Cadets, on Thursday 30th July at 5pm on Microsoft Teams.


The webinar will give young people the chance to put their questions and concerns around COVID-19 to an expert panel of:


  • Doctors
  • Representative from the national online mental wellbeing community, Kooth,
  • Councillor working in education policy


The webinar will be hosted by young people too. The video below has more information on the webinar:

Click here for instant access to the Online Q&A link


The webinar is, in part, a response to Young Healthwatch Westminster’s mental health survey, where over 190 young people have reported their mental health needs and aspirations, and have told us where they need more support. We are deeply thankful to all those young people who bravely completed the survey and are doing all we can to continue to reach out to more and more young people.

We hope that this Q&A webinar will just be the first in a series of similar events where young people will have the platform to have their voices heard.

For more details, please contact Alex on or Phoebe on