Support for young people

We listen to what young people are telling us about what they want and need to protect, maintain and improve their mental health and we are here to offer what we can so that they can take the decisions that are right for them.

This page outlines some guidance and resources that young people have told us that they find useful, our own suggestions and a link to more information on what our own youth group does. 

Mental health is something we all have, and it can go up and down and change, just as our physical health can. Young people have had to face serious challenges over this period which hahad big impact on their mental wellbeingor ‘mental health’. 


Our volunteers say:

Every predicted grade really counts as you don't know if you will be stuck with it, every little test in class seems so important - it can be very stressful. Make sure you reach out to friends about it - don't keep it inside. Even if you're stressed, you should be so proud of yourselves

Advice about school

Make sure you have things to look forward to in your day. For me it is cooking and watching TV, For some of the other volunteers it is listening to music really loudly and dancing, or maybe it is doing extra curricular things like this. Find what works for you.

Advice on ways to chill

You should read how nature may help you get through hard times - click here. We have also got loads of advice and resources on our page, or in the section below.

Advice on finding solutions

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If you prefer to find your own answers...

Mood journal

Practice mindfulness

Coping kit

Real life stories


Podcasts & blogs

Support on easing of restrictions

Support on exams

Specific health and wellbeing guidance

Free Health apps

Health for teens

Sexual health & wellbeing experts

NHS sexual health help near you

...Or reach out to others...

Discussion boards

Get into the arts



Urgent support

A good place to start is with your GP for help with your mental health. If you are distressed and don’t want to waittry:

  • 24/7 Crisis Text line. Text “SHOUT’ to 85258, or click here
  • Call: 0800 023 4650 for urgent mental health support in Westminster or Kensington & Chelsea
  • Click here for urgent phonelines across North West London
  • Free, anonymous help and counselling from Kooth
  • 'CAMHS' offer specialist services for mental and emotional health for young people, and their families
  • If you need help urgently, but are not at risk of harm, or serious harm, call 111 or visit NHS 111 online
  • If you feel you need help immediately, call for an ambulance on 999


Our work

We have an active group of young volunteers called Young Healthwatch (14-25 year oldswho work with us to ensure young people’s voices are heard in what mental wellbeing support looks like. They also run projects and produce resources to provide guidance for young people. Find out more about the group here, or download an application form. 


Reach out to local groups

Kensington and Chelsea

K&CYouth council

Dalgarno Trust

Yaa Centre

The Avenues Youth Project

Youth Action Alliance

Search for a specific group in Kensington and Chelsea


Mosaic Community Trust

City Lions

Greenhouse Sports

St Andrew’s Youth Club


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