Looking after your physical wellbeing

Taking care of our physical wellbeing is so important, especially in these times of greater risk to public health. People have told us about the toll the virus has taken on them physically. Other people have told us they have been left isolated and disconnected. 

There are many resources online that can help support our physical wellness, offering guidance and support on making good decisions in regards to nutrition, exercise, sleepsexual health, alcohol, and insights on illness prevention. Taking good decisions in these areas can also have a huge positive impact on your mental wellbeing and can help you to lead a healthier and happier life. 


Staying healthy 

General information about dealing with pain 

Information about healthy eating 

Support with being more active 

Help with sleeping better 

Support with drinking less 

Exercise classes for those in later life 

Sexual health advice 


Local groups in Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea

The Abbey Centre - South Westminster’s community hub 

Community Champions  - supporting health outcomes in local communities 

One You - helping you to make the right choices to be healthier 

Open Age - supporting the physical and mental wellness of over 50s 

People First - search for events, activites and people who can help 


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