How the Voice Exchange will help to shape local mental health services

What’s next for the Voice Exchange?

Way back in January 2021 we launched the Voice Exchange project, inviting local residents to feedback about what inpatient mental health could look like in the future.

Every month, ten Citizen’s Panel members have met to discuss their experiences and perceptions about inpatient services. A team of four have also been working as a Deliberation Group, offering strategic insights to the project. Together, we have developed several ideas for improving services for people in Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea.

For the past 9 months we have been gathering evidence from a wide range of sources, including speaking to other groups locally, people who work in mental health, and interviewing people 1:1 to hear about their experiences and suggestions.

The project is nearing the end and we are asking ourselves, what’s next?

Well, we will be presenting our ideas to the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust in October. This project was commissioned by the Jameson Division at the Trust, so we’ll be meeting with senior stakeholders and sharing our ideas and suggestions in person and virtually. Secondly, we are hoping to publish a report, which we will make available to everyone in October.

But more importantly, we want to ensure that the Voice Exchange leaves a legacy. We hope to have a positive impact on how future lived experience engagement projects are run.

At the very heart of the Voice Exchange is the belief that people’s voices truly matter – whether that is a thousand people or one individual. It’s vital that health services listen, really hear what is being said and take action to make things better.

If you have any questions about this project, please email Laura at