Award Announcement: NCVO Trusted Charity Mark

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We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the NCVO Trusted Charity Mark that demonstrates a commitment to consistently high standards across the charity. Thanks to all who took part in the accreditation process; from our core team and board to our volunteers. This really has been a collaborative effort. Trusted Charity Mark is a quality standard designed to help third sector organisations run more effectively and efficiently.

What we were assessed on

The Trusted Charity standard assessed our Healthwatch against 11 quality standards:

  • Governance, Planning, Leadership and Management, User-centred Services, Managing People, Learning and Development, Managing Money, Managing Resources, External Communications, Working with Others and Assessing Outcomes and Impact

After reviewing our documents and evidence we had two days of external assessment by Dr. Sue Newberry consisting of interviews across the Charity (Board staff, Local Committee, Volunteers). A report was produced with additional clarification or evidence requested. Dr. Newberry’s report was then moderated by senior colleagues, agreed, and awarded.

Olivia Clymer, HWCWL CEO said:

We are thrilled that HWCWL has been awarded the prestigious Trusted Charity Mark. It was a very rigorous process and securing such positive feedback on how we operate has been hugely encouraging for the whole team. We always strive to deliver for our local communities and do the best we can so to have this validation is a real boost, particularly after a challenging couple of years.  As ever it’s a team effort, sincere thanks to the Healthwatch CWL team, whose commitment has made this possible.”

Find out more about the NCVO Trusted Charity Mark.