Student Volunteering Week 2018: Meet Maryam

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During February, organisations across the UK celebrated student volunteering week.

We caught up with Maryam, a student at UCL who recently joined us to support our communications.

What does your role involve?

As part of my role I work with Flora to support communications and social media activity, and to look how Healthwatch CWL communicates information to the public.

We pre-schedule posts on social media platforms, for example, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, using a programme which Flora has taught me how to use.

Recently, I have also been sitting in on meetings, taking notes and getting to know the rest of the Healthwatch CWL team. So far it has been a phenomenal experience.

Why did you choose us to volunteer with us?

I believe it is important to establish strong communications between the community and health and social care services.

Healthwatch does just that by providing a platform for discussions on issues concerning patients, and by actively working towards solutions.

I greatly admire Healthwatch’s mission to raise awareness of local healthcare services, as it is integral to the public’s understanding of issues in health and social care.

What do you get out of your volunteering?

I am learning a great deal about how healthcare services operate in the local community, and am part of the process of improving patient experience.

By working with social media, I am being exposed to how important it is for people to get involved in their healthcare services, and am able to introduce people to opportunities and services that they may not know are available to them.

I am also getting to meet individuals who have a wide range of experience and knowledge to share about health and social care.

Interested in volunteering?

Has Maryam’s story inspired you to volunteer with Healthwatch Central West London? If so, find out more.