Volunteer with the London Ambulance Service Academy

The London Ambulance Service Academy runs two year courses to enable Emergency Ambulance Crew and Technicians to become paramedics.

Part of the assessment and training requires the participation of people who act as patients (mock patients) for the trainees assessments. The process requires the mock patient to act as if they are ill, while the trainee questions them and assesses their condition.

Limited physical contact takes place except perhaps checking the pulse or blood pressure, and in some of the patient assessment the trainee may need to perform some hands on assessment. This would be discussed and agreed in writing prior to participation.

If you are a member of the London Ambulance Service Forum and would like to participate please let Malcolm Alexander know at patientsforumlas@aol.com. Members of Healthwatch can also participate if they join the LAS Forum as individuals.

The training school is located in Fulham, not far from West Brompton and Earl’s Court Stations.