Vision 2020: Your Experience Matters: Summary and Visual Recording


Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed their ideas to our first virtual stakeholder engagement workshop on Wednesday 2nd September. The workshop brought over 50 service users, health professionals and local stakeholders together to discuss the Westminster Borough Plan and the future of health and social care provision in the borough.


As part of the workshop, we heard presentations from Jules Martin, Managing Director of Central London CCG, on the Westminster Borough Plan, and Carena Rogers, Programme Manager at Healthwatch Central West London, who reported on our engagement findings about how COVID-19 has affected residents in Westminster. We also held small group discussions which gave participants the opportunity to feedback, share their perspective and help shape health and social care planning in the borough for the future.


The discussions which took place were hugely valuable and informative. They offered us and the CCG further insight into how health and social care in the borough can be improved, how COVID-19 has shaped service users’ experiences over the last few months and where we can do better ourselves in terms of engagement.


Some key themes which emerged from the discussions related to improving communication between health and social care providers and service users and the integration of services within the borough.


We are now working on producing a detailed report which summarises the discussions we had at the workshop. We will publish it as soon as possible. In the meantime, we were delighted to have the talented Anna Geyer from New Possibilities with us. She created a dynamic and creative visual recording of our meeting, which summarises our discussions and the presentations we heard. This visual recording is shown below.


At Healthwatch Central West London we are committed to ensuring we hear from people and communities who are often excluded from these conversations. This workshop was our latest initiative as part of this commitment and we will continue to try and hear from as many people and communities as possible in the future.


You can find the documents that were discussed yesterday by following the links below: