Temporary closure of Hammersmith Urgent Treatment Centre due to covid-19 pandemic

Hammersmith & Fulham CCG have temporarily closed the Hammersmith Hospital Urgent Treatment Centre with immediate effect from 8am on Friday, 20 March.

As part of their management of the covid-19 emergency, they are introducing front door screening and appropriate segregation of patients at the urgent care centre at Charing Cross Hospital.  Patients with confirmed or potential covid-19 infection will be separated from patients who are there for other reasons. The urgent treatment centre at Hammersmith Hospital has neither  the space nor the clinical capacity to segregate patients at the front door in this way. Charing Cross also has an emergency department in case a patient is taken seriously ill.

Signage will be placed on the door of the Hammersmith UTC and the 111 service will be informed that the centre is not currently available and patients should be directed to Charing Cross. There is a telephone located on the outside wall of Hammersmith Hospital Urgent Treatment Centre that links directly to 111 or 999 in case of emergencies.