Resources for parents during coronavirus 

The Care for Children Team at Imperial College has now shared its resources are now on our website and available to download and share:


Resources for parents during coronavirus 

  1. Advice for parents during coronavirus: helpful links to answer parents frequently asked questions alongside the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health advice for parents poster
  2. How to access local emergency services during coronavirus: Information on urgent and emergency services for children across Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster during coronavirus.
  3. Parents coronavirus FAQ blog: Helpful links as well as information on local support.


Resources for parents made before Covid-19: for parents and carers of children under five years old   

The booklet and checklist below were produced before Covid 19 but their advice is still relevant to parents today. There are two additional points for parents to remember at the moment:

  • If your child has any symptoms of coronavirus call 111
  • If your child has ‘amber’ symptoms and you can not get through to your GP or 111, call 999
  1. How to help your unwell child​: a booklet on how to manage common childhood illnesses including coughs, fever and rashes.
  2. Is it serious? Look, listen, touch, check​: a checklist to help parents to know when their child needs urgent medical help.