Research Opportunity: Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Researchers at Brunel University London are carrying out a study to test a new intervention aimed at reducing sitting behaviour in patients with Type 2 diabetes.

They are looking for people to be part of their Patient and Public Advisory Group (PPAG) for the study.

This includes:

1. Diabetes Nurse
2. GP Practice Manager
3. CCG lead for the local area (i.e. Hillingdon, Ealing, Harrow, Brent)
4. Patients with Type 2 diabetes

The PPAG will focus on three core areas: supporting the development and direction of the research, development of information resources, and dissemination of research findings.

If you can help them, if you are interested in being part of this group or can help them to identify suitable people to be on the group, please contact: Dr Daniel Bailey (Lead Investigator), Brunel University London,   , Tel 01895 265363.

Why are they doing this research?

High levels of sitting increase the risk of heart disease and early death in people with Type 2 diabetes, regardless of the amount of time they spend exercising. Their team has developed an intervention that is designed to reduce the time people with Type 2 diabetes spend sitting.

The study is being funded by Diabetes UK. They will recruit 70 people with Type 2 diabetes who will be randomly allocated to a control or intervention group for 6 months. The control participants will receive normal healthcare. Intervention participants will complete an online interactive education module, have access to tools that track sitting time and provide feedback (e.g. smartphone apps, computer apps, wearable devices), and receive support from a health coach.