PPG Week with Healthwatch Central West London

It’s PPG Week!

For those of you who are involved with your local Patient Participation Groups, that means a week to celebrate your achievements and to set your group’s goals for the coming year – we hope that you have registered for our PPG Annual Celebration event at St Columba’s Church, Pont Street, on Wednesday 12th June.

For those of you who aren’t in a PPG, this might be the week to ask, well… what is a PPG?

Who are they?

Patient Participation Groups are local groups, based at GP practices, which can include (adult) practice patients, carers of registered patients, and members of the GP Practice staff.

What do they do?

PPGs are there to listen to the stories and views of their practice communities, to explore these ideas and to share them as suggestions for how to improve the patient experience. They discuss service improvement action plans with GP staff, and monitor the implementation of these plans. They are often described as the “critical friend” of local practices.

What PPGs in Central West London did this year:

Central London PPGs:

Healthwatch’s Central London PPG project worked with 35 GP practice PPGs.

In the last four months, Healthwatch CWL has conducted research with these groups, identifying a sustained need for more resources, tailored support and a PPG network that can facilitate training and peer support.

We ran four workshops for members, developing PPG-related skills such as recruitment, representation, chairing and minute-taking. 

West London Patient Participation Groups

Over the last 12 months, the Healthwatch West London PPG project has engaged with 28 GP practice PPGs and helped to establish 11 GP practice PPGs, including online patient groups.

The project developed close relationships with NHS providers and commissioners, allowing us to update PPGs on NHS plans, consultations and changes.

Some PPGs, with support from the project, are already delivering projects such as PPG recruitment and patient feedback sessions, Keep Well health promotion events, Information session on Managing Medication, Christmas Social for lonely and socially isolated patients, Carers Information Event.

Our list of PPGs, their members, and their achievements are always growing! If you are feeling inspired, or know someone else who might want to get involved in their local PPG, contact info@healthwatchcentralwestlondon.org