Patients are Encouraged to Call 111 This Winter to Ease Pressure on NHS Services

The NHS has launched their winter campaign ‘Help Us Help You know what to do’ designed to help keep you well and help keep our NHS services running well this winter.

The campaign aims to increase peoples’ understanding of the actions they can take to help the NHS help them.  This could be visiting the pharmacist at the first sign of illness, managing symptoms at home, getting the flu jab, self-care or using NHS 111 for help.

NHS 111 is free to call for advice about an urgent health concern and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

NHS 111 now offers the public a much more comprehensive service and is much more than just a helpline; patients can speak to a fully trained advisor quickly.  They will assess symptoms and, depending on the situation will  provide self-care advice, transfer patients to a relevant healthcare professional, including nurses, emergency dentists or even GPs.

The advisors can also arrange face-to-face appointments, give directions to local services that can help best with a concern, and if assessed as needing an ambulance, one can be sent directly.  Whatever the need is, NHS 111 will ensure the right care is given, from the right person, as quickly as possible.

Calling 111 will make it easier and faster to get in touch with local health services.  People should call 111 if they need advice or medical treatment quickly and cannot wait for an appointment to see the doctor.

If you do become unwell and don’t know who to phone for medical help or need information about a health issue call 111 ‘Help Us Help You know what to do.

For more information on NHS 111 visit