NHS England launch Long Term Plan to provide service fit for the future


The government has announced that the NHS budget will be boosted by £20 billion a year. As of Monday 4th March, this significant increase in investment became a reality with the release of an ambitious plan from the NHS that lays out how this money will be spent.

Your engagement with us at Healthwatch in the past has helped to shape the priorities for this plan, which include four broad areas from how the NHS functions, helping more people to stay well, making care better and investing in technology.
This is where you come in again. Now that these priorities have been established and we have an NHS that actively wants to hear your thoughts, there is a real opportunity for each and every one of you in Hammersmith and Fulham, Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea to share your views and tell us what you want your local NHS services to look like in the future.

What people tell us will be shared with the NHS and will be used to help develop the plan for your area. Simply fill in the survey below to get the ball rolling:


So ask yourself, what would you do?