Mental Health & Wellbeing Resources from Healthy London Partnership

The Healthy London Partnership would like to share the following resources available to support the mental health and wellbeing of local communities:


Good Thinking:

Good Thinking is a FREE, NHS-approved website which has been used by over 400,000 people to help relieve anxiety, stress, low mood and sleep deprivation.  This resource can be used anywhere at anytime to access a list of online tools, free apps and urgent support information.  Please visit the website if you would like some support:


Link to Good Thinking:

Link to communication tools to help you promote Good Thinking:


Suicide prevention training:

Please spare 20 minutes to complete the following FREE 20 minute suicide prevention online training taken by over 40,000 Londoners to date – it will help you to know what to say to someone you are worried about, understand how to help them and spot the warning signs.   1 in 4 people have a mental health need – your support will help them to feel less alone:


Link to online suicide prevention training:

Link to communication tools to help you promote the online suicide prevention training: