London Vision VI Student Work

What is the ‘VI Student Network’?

The VI Student Network has been set up by London Vision as a networking platform for students who are visually impaired and studying or applying to study at university in the capital.

Our Student Network will allow members to socialise with like-minded individuals in a comfortable setting, where they can learn academic tips from each other, access internship and employment opportunities, have access to information about their rights and what support is available to them, and get advice on how to campaign on matters that they feel are important.

Throughout the academic year we will host networking events during term time that are themed to subjects such as accessible technology, internship opportunities, and health & wellbeing during the exam period.

London Vision will be collaborating with external organisations to deliver these outcomes and will stay regularly engaged with our members to ensure our content is relevant and we keep them at the heart of what we do.

Who can be a member?

Anyone who is registered visually impaired and studies or is planning to study at university in London is eligible to become a member of the VI Student Network

How do I join or find out more?

For general enquiries or to register, please contact us at: