Listen To Act involvement in Schools Research Network in Northwest London: an update


Listen to Act has been collaborating with the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network (CRN) in Northwest London since Autumn last year.

Our joint goal is to influence, be part of, and explore health research in school settings to improve the wellbeing of students across London.

During this time, we have worked together to build lasting relationships with 52 schools across eight boroughs to roll out research studies in schools. Staff, students and parents are taking part and benefit from resources and training to help shape future studies and hopefully, enjoy it.

What we have achieved so far:

  • We have 52 schools as members of our network – that is almost 42,000 students aged from three years old all the way up to 19
  • A range of schools including Primary, Secondary, Higher, and Further Education and Specialist Colleges
  • We have had in-depth conversations with over five schools to get to know them better and explore how we can maximise membership for them
  • Seven health focused studies have been offered overall to schools and we are careful to ensure that the studies we offer are relevant for the specific school

Quotes from staff:

“We really liked the tools you sent us”
– Member of staff at one of our primary school collaborators

“The research study you sent us sounds like just what we need”
– Member of staff at one of our secondary school collaborators


Stakeholder Engagement Lead for the network and our very own Youth Engagement Manager, Alex, says:

“I have really enjoyed working with the CRN and we are really pleased to have such a high number of schools on our books. This is giving us the opportunity to listen to – and engage with – a huge number of young people, parents and staff from different areas and communities across the region which has been a real pleasure. The studies our members are involved in are being very well received and specifically for me, I have had some profoundly interesting conversations with some our members and I look forward to more. We have some exciting plans for the new term to grow our network and to offer more of what our members need to strengthen the sense of community, and crucially, share learning across it.”

Network Lead and Deputy Research Delivery Manager for the CRN, Antoinette says:

‘The NWL Schools Research Network has grown from strength to strength since its inaugural event.  We are delighted to have 52 schools involved, looking after a total of 41,880 pupils. To date, we are the only one of its kind in England.  As such, we have been very fortunate to collaborate with stakeholders from across England to ensure that young people in NWL are offered the opportunity to participate in research that’s relevant to them.’

Over the next few months, we will continue to recruit new schools across the region with a focus on creating a diverse group of schools and members. We will also continue to meet with current members for detailed conversations on the dynamics of their schools and how the network can support them and consider arranging school visits.

On the agenda

  • Work with the CRN and our members to explore the possibility of co-producing network events and forming steering groups
  • Communicate our progress internally and externally

You can find out more about the Schools Research Network by clicking this link, and schools can sign up directly by clicking this link and one of the team will be in touch.