HWCWL Covid-19 Survey Results

How the Covid-19 outbreak is affecting you and your loved ones


209 local residents responded to our question,“how is the Covid-19 outbreak affecting you and your loved ones?”

We have presented these responses as an infographic for you to read and share.

We would like to thank everyone who responded to us at a time when many are feeling the direct effects of Covid-19 and dealing with the multiple other issues linked to the nationwide lockdown.

We value your experiences, ideas and concerns, which have helped us to develop important information and guidance, which is shared with the Healthwatch Central West London network.

As always, we want to hear from you – let us know what you think of the results and the report, and please do continue to share your experiences with us.

Click here to view the Covid-19 Survey Results Infographic

The Results

A lot can change in a month, especially in these extraordinary times. The results of this survey have captured the mood of many across the world, such as stress, loneliness and fears for the future, as well as some issues felt more acutely for Londoners, the most affected area in the UK.

We have also produced information sheets in response to the key issues raised in the survey: you can read the social isolationmental health and financial anxiety mailers on our website.