Get Involved With Your Local Events This Carers Week!

You might be aware that Carers Week 2019 is fast approaching, running from 10th – 16th June. NHS Central North West London (NHS CNWL) will be hosting events to celebrate carers and share knowledge and good practice with staff and carers about involving families and loved ones in patient care.

You can access the timetable of events for CNWL, as well as a calendar of events being put on by some local carer organisations, via the links at the bottom of this page. This calendar is not exhaustive, so we urge you to contact your local carer organisation if it is not listed to find out what they are doing for Carers Week.

The CNWL timetable includes links to Eventbrite where you can book a place for the event. If you plan on attending, please do sign up so that we can get a good idea of numbers and prepare accordingly.

On Monday 10th June, 2-4pm at Trust HQ, Lucy, Veronica and Ann will be co-delivering a workshop session on Triangle of Care. This event is free to attend!

On Thursday 13th June, 3-4:30pm at Trust HQ, there is a Tea Party with members of the Carers Council, carer governors and staff to network, discuss carer experiences in CNWL and share good practice. This will be informal, and is free to attend for all.

Carers Week 2019 – CNWL Events Timetable

Carers Week 2019 – Local Events Calendar