Freedom Programme – a women’s support group from Total Family Coaching

Total Family Coaching is offering a women’s support group programme to women living in Central West London.

The programme runs for 12 weeks, each session is 90 minutes long, with 30 minutes for a break. It is a rolling programme, so women can miss a session and do it later, when they are ready. Attendance is FREE.

The programme includes:

  • Learning about healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Learning about traits, personas and warning signs of abuse
  • Help and support for safety planning
  • Gaining support from experts and other women
  • Range of resources, information and advice
  • Refreshments provided

Total Family Coaching run 5-7 groups a week attended by approximately 50-70 local women. The organisation also offers parenting and grief recovery programmes.

You can learn more about the group and its programme by visiting , by emailing or by calling 0208 969 5554