Adult Advocacy Services: Seeking Service User Input in H&F

Hammersmith and Fulham Council are offering you, as service users, the platform to help to shape adult advocacy services in the borough.

There will be two discussion groups next week:

  1. Monday 7th October at 1pm
  2. Tuesday 8th October at 1pm 

both of the events will be held at

145 King Street (second floor, room 7)


W6 9JT

anyone who has used local advocacy services, and would like to share their views, is welcome.

Your feedback will be sued to inform targets, as well as the key values and behaviours that the advocacy service will uphold, ultimately helping to deliver an effective new services.

Please contact Rebecca Richardson on to register your interest.

What is advocacy?

This is when an advocate supports an individual who has considerable difficulty expressing their voice or in representing their own interests on key decisions made about their care and support.
By law all Councils in the UK, in this case Hammersmith & Fulham, have to make sure that they have an advocacy service that is completely independent of the Council, NHS and other statutory bodies.

What is the purpose of advocacy?

The purpose of advocacy is to provide voice and not influence for those who need support in navigating and understanding decision making in relation to their health, care, and support. Independent advocates should ensure that the people they are working with right’s are upheld and that their wishes and needs are understood.
Advocacy aims to provide a voice to vulnerable people who would not be able to effectively advocate on their own behalf or have no one appropriate e.g. partner, family members to advocate for them.

Why do they want to get your views?

The borough is at a critical stage in the shaping of  adult advocacy services and need to engage service users to help better understand how to shape and monitor the Advocacy Partnership moving forward.
They want to engage you as they design and shape the new service and work towards establishing a clear set of standards for what ‘good looks like’ in relation to independent advocacy services.

The intention is that this group will meet two to four times within the first year of implementing the independent advocacy service with the idea that it continues to evolve and become a user led reference group.
The group is a place for you to give feedback on the statutory advocacy services in the borough and support them to identify what is working well and what can be improved.

What’s next?

Please contact if you would like to participate in an initial group meeting to gather feedback. The group will meet for around two hours on Monday 7 October and Tuesday 8 October depending on numbers interested in Hammersmith.

Although payment cannot be offered for your time, you would be part of a valuable process of shaping and improving a critical service. LBHF want to include as many people as possible so if you can’t be involved in the group, they will be sending out a survey in order to ensure your voice is heard too.