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Changes to Prescriptions in North West London – How will this affect you?

North West London Collaboration of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) has been considering two changes to do with how they prescribe medication.

The first proposal is looking at reducing waste from repeat prescritions. Waste can happen when pharmacies order a repeat prescription even if you are running low. North West London Collaboration of CCGs are asking for patients to order their own prescriptions or for their doctors to make arrangements for someone else, like a carer, to order their prescriptions for them.

The second proposal is looking at doctors prescribing fewer medicines that people could buy themselves. For example, paracetamol.

These proposals are called Choosing Wisely.

As part of Choosing Wisely, the North West London Collaboration of CCGs are undertaking an equality impact assessment to consider how their plans will affect health inequalities, and how they can be prevented.

These changes may affect you and how you access your medicication. It is therefore important to share how and why these changes will impact you with the North West London Collaboration of CCGs. The original deadline for this has now been extended until 5pm on Friday 15 September.

To share your views you need to complete the following forms:
Repeat prescriptions – Easy Read
Our plans to prescribe fewer medications that can be bought without a prescription – Easy Read

Reducing Repeat Prescribing Waste
Over The Counter Medicines

You can either send these by email to choosingwisely@nw.london.nhs.uk or by post to Freepost Healthier North West London (you do not need a stamp). If you do not have access to a printer, please get in touch with us and we can send you a paper copy of the forms.

Remember, you must respond by 9am on Friday 18th September. 

For more information on Choosing Wisely please see the North West London Collaboration of CCG’s website, Healthier North West London, here.

One Response to Changes to Prescriptions in North West London – How will this affect you?

  1. This is so wrong I would be so not getting the medications I have been prescribed I don’t have any one to ask for me or collect them either I am on esa and would have to do without food or heating to afford medicine

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